H.E.R.O.C. Annual Tea Party in Spring



H.E.R.O.C Annual Breast Cancer Walk

in conjunction with the American Cancer Society

Annual Guyanese Style Holiday Breakfast


The Health Education and Relief Organization Inc. (H.E.R.O.C.) held its fourth annual Holiday Breakfast on Sunday January 8, 2017. Amidst the cold wintry day, the atmosphere at the breakfast was warm and cozy with sumptuous prepared Guyanese Breakfast dishes. The energetic and dynamic Dr. Rose October Edun was the MC and kept the program light and informative.

A review of H.E.R.O.C and a captivating report on the inaugural trip held in October 2016 were delivered by its President, Lorna Welshman-Neblett, who also highlighted the continuous support from Patrons: Pamela McKenzie – Pam’s Bakery, Vibert ‘Cookie’ Bernard – Sybil’s Bakery & Restaurant, Edgar Henry – Caribbean Vision Center, Joseph McElroy of Clarins Fragrance Group and Joyce Chase towards their efforts in ‘Giving Cancer the Boot.’ Survivor Recognition Awards were given to a Mother and Son, Gwendoline Barker (Breast Cancer), Peter Barker (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma) and in absentee Pearlene Vesta Wilkinson (Breast Cancer) who continue to be admired and was even given the label as the ‘Celebrities in the house’ by the MC.

Highlighting the afternoon was a heart wrenching video Presentation of the journey of Cancer Patient Marcia P. Gordon’s valiant fight against Cancer supported by Health, Education and Relief Organization, Inc ( H.E.R.O) through Dr. John Mitchell and his team of doctors and H.E.R.O.C.’s Lorna Welshman Neblett and her team. Marcia is the poster child for positive attitude in the face of Cancer trauma, whose mind-set is that adversity is temporary, along with her faith and strong support that gives her courage to “stand up” to Cancer. The Video presentation that was exceptional, and touched on every aspect was produced by Marcia with voice over’s.

This 28 year old has now entered her second phase of treatment for stage 4 Cancer and has been in this fight to give Cancer the Boot from her diagnosis at 26 years old. Marcia’s Mom, Alexandria Gordon, is her Rock and is walking this walk every step of the way with her only child. Her other “Mother” Lorna is a source of strength and has provided amazing hospitality.

Balancing out the rest of the afternoon was the friendly, but highly competitive Dutch auction orchestrated by auctioneer Cleveland John and his energetic assistants, who added to this being a very rewarding event.

H.E.R.O.C continues to hold steadfast in the fight against cancer with the evidence that Team work is essential in the success of any event. Their team is a group of enthusiastic persons who are all focused on their Motto, ‘Give cancer the Boot’ and their Mission Statement.